About US

"After many years of struggling with myself to find the balance between what I do daily and how I looked physically, I came to a realization that I was actually trying to find myself and see what kind of lifestyle reflects who I really am the positive, the fun, the optimistic, the energetic "ME" was seeking the lifestyle that reflects what I wanted to be, and that is when I have entered the fitness world to become one of the most influential trainers in the Saudi women's world of fitness, when I started changing people's lives, I was surrounded by very strong and powerful women who are determined to change to be the best they can be, which inspired me so that I wanted to give them more, and by that, TIMA® was born, and now, I can proudly say that TIMA® is the first ever Saudi brand for sport apparel." - Fatima Batook



To be the fitness apparel of choice to women everywhere but specifically the Arab world. To inspire them to move and feel peacefully powerful.


Our mission is to spread a healthy and positive lifestyle to shift people to a state of "self love" through our values of being "committed and dedicated" to only getting "motivated" & add value wherever we go. Celebrating a wonderful blessing and gift of being a woman, who is feminine, strong, hard working, unique, fun, confident and powerful!


MOTIVATED reflects a drive or a desire which is the need that activates behaviour aimed at a goal. No matter what challenges we are experiencing we are always using ourselves and instruments around us to keep us moving forward and never looking back.

STRONG is a reflection of your true power. True power is not to focus on what we will get in return but focus our energy on what we can give. Keep this energy pure & genuine and the universe will return that energy in a way we can't imagine.

SELF LOVE stands out and represents the power of the light in your soul, and all those things that make you unique. It is your personality, your emotions, your intuitions, and all that go beyond what you can communicate through words. 

DEDICATED & COMMITTED solely believes that YOU have the power to create amazing future paths of destiny for yourself! Harnessing the power of the light is nothing more than fully utilizing all the gifts, talents and spiritual energy that is you.


  • A unique blend of fabric – a calculated combination of Supplex®, Lycra®, and nylon.
  • The fabric of TIMA® is able to wick away sweat and moisture from the skin and disperse it throughout the outer layers without soaking the cloth.
  • The fabric stretches up to 40% of original size, so the fit conforms to your body giving maximum coverage.
  • Fabric blend dries faster than cotton, requires little to no-ironing, is easy-to-care for (wash and wear!)
  • Fully breathable, and retains color fabulously.